If you’re lucky enough to actually have some truffles, Microplane®  have the perfect tool for you

The Microplane® Master Series Truffle Tool 2 in1 Slicer & Grater is just the thing for dealing with perhaps the world’s most luxurious and expensive ingredient.

Undecided whether to grate your truffle or slice it? No problem, here you have a choice as the Microplane® Master Series Truffle Tool 2in1 Slicer & Grater, has two functions, one on each side of the tool.

There is a Straight Slicer Blade for slicing and a  Fine Blade Grater for grating.

Adjusting the screw lets you set the ultra-sharp stainless steel Straight Slicer Blade to the desired thickness to achieve everything from uniform paper-thin slivers to wafer-thin shavings.

This makes the dish look good and also releases the intensive, distinctively earthy truffle aroma. Finely sliced truffles on pasta will almost float over the dish in the rising heat, and you simply cannot achieve that thinness with a knife or mandolin.

The Fine Blade Grater cuts the truffle fast and with ease rather than tearing or shredding like most stamped graters. None of your valuable truffle gets caught in the teeth and grating exposes the truffle to the air, releasing more of the sensuous aroma.

Truffles are magnificent grated or sliced into, or onto, slowly stirred scrambled eggs, butter, pasta, aioli or mayonnaise, polenta, mashed potato, fish, fondue, mac ‘n’ cheese, pasta, chicken, risotto, ramen and even avocado toast.

No truffles? No problem. The slicer is great for creating delicate decorations outof mushroom, garlic, radish and strawberries while the grating surface is ideal for finely grating chocolate, ginger, nutmeg, or Parmesan for seasoning and garnishes.

With the luxury walnut handle the 2 in1 also looks good at the table and it has the usual non-slip rubber feet and can be rinsed under the tap, but don’t put it in the dishwasher. You don’t want to ruin that handle

The Microplane® Master Series Truffle Tool 2in1 Slicer & Grater has recently been awarded the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022 ‘distinction for high quality design’. 

The Microplane® Master Series Truffle Tool 2in1 Slicer & Grater RRP £49.95 is available from divertimenti.co.uk