Meet BAR 45 at 45 Park Lane‘s new Oscar inspired drink, LaLaLand89.

New Cocktail LaLaLand89 at Park Lane Hotel Topped with Gold LeafAptly named after the hotly tipped favourite film, La La Land and to honour the 89th year of the Oscars, LaLaLand89 is a blend of aged rum, red vermouth, Italian bitters and cherry liqueur, topped with an elderflower foam cloud and adorned with gold leaf. It is available throughout February at Dorchester Collection’s BAR 45 at 45 Park Lane.


40ml Aged Rum

20ml Red Vermouth

20ml Italian Bitters

15ml Cherry Liqueur

Top with elderflower foam and gold leaf (if desired)


Stir the rum, vermouth, bitters and cherry liqueur over ice

Pour in a tall coupe without ice

Add the elderflower foam and garnish with golf leaf