The most famous Thai noodle dish. World renowned since it was created during the Second World War with the three flavour profiles of saltiness, sourness and sweetness. 

From Busaba 

mcith_Classic-Pad-Thai-2.jpgServe: 4 

Prep time: 10 minutes 

Cook time: 5 minutes 

100g/4oz half pack dried Thai rice noodles, soaked and drained 

16 peeled and deveined King tiger prawns 

2 medium hen’s eggs 

3 cloves roughly chopped garlic 

1 roughly chopped banana shallot 

2 tablespoon finely sliced turnip 

1 tablespoon dried shrimp 

30g/1oz fried tofu 

200g/6oz beansprouts 

5 Chinese chives cut into 4 cm lengths 

3 tablespoon vegetable oil 

100ml Pad Thai sauce 


1 Lime cut into quarters 

4 tablespoon Peanut, roasted and crushed 

Cooking tip: 

When cooking Pad Thai at home it better to cook each portion individually, to allow for the noodles and bean sprouts to be perfectly cooked 

You may need to divide each Pad Thai into 4 and repeat the cooking. process 

1. Heat a wok on a medium heat 

2. Add oil when hot fry the garlic and shallot for a minute, add the prawns 

3. Increase the heat to high and turn over prawn until cooked approximate 2 minutes 

4. Crack the eggs into cup, then pour into the wok, add the chopped turnip, continually stir the eggs, cook for 2 minutes or until the eggs are firm. 

5. Use a wok ladle or wok spatula, move the prawns and egg mixture to other side of the wok 

6. Add the noodles, allow the noodles to directly cook on the bottom of the wok for 2-3 minutes until they soften. 

7. Use a wok ladle or wok spatula to move all ingredients to side make space in the middle of the wok and add the sauce, so it directly cooks on the bottom of the wok. 

8. Caramelize the sauce, stir and toss the noodles with the sauce for 2 minutes and add the beansprouts, cook for a further minute. 

9. Gentle stirring, prevents the noodles breaking, add the chives and remove from the heat. 

10. Serve with on a serving plate with the crushed peanut and lime quarter on the side