This is a terrific dish for sharing.  Each ingredient, from the tender strips of lamb, fragrant mint, zesty dressing and tangy Feta, to the sweet dollops of Apricot and Ginger Chutney just keep on adding layers of exquisite flavour.

mcith_Tracklements_Apricot%2BGingerChutnA quick starter for 6 or a meal for 2 or 3. 


1 small red onion, thinly sliced

1 stick of celery, thinly sliced

1 small bunch flat leaf parsley, leaves roughly chopped

2 pinches cinnamon

juice and zest of 1 lemon

salt and pepper

250g left over lamb, sliced, reheated if preferred

1 bag of washed watercress

1 handful of fresh mint leaves

75g Feta cheese

½ jar of Tracklements Apricot & Ginger Chutney

1 tsp poppy seeds

1 tsp toasted sesame seeds

good quality extra virgin olive oil

3-4 warm flat breads to serve


·       Mix the red onion, celery, parsley, cinnamon, lemon zest and juice in a small bowl, season with a little salt and pepper. Leave for 10mins to marinate.

·       Arrange the lamb, watercress and mint leaves on a large platter, crumble the Feta evenly over the dish, add the onion and celery mixture and dot with the Apricot & Ginger Chutney. Sprinkle over the poppy and sesame seeds.

·       Drizzle everything with a little olive oil and serve with warm flat breads