A quintessentially English summer light lunch or dinner dish

Nothing tastes better in summer than a British strawberry and Jubilee Selections are the queen of the crop.

Named in honour of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, Jubilee Selections  is home to three British-grown strawberry varieties: Jubilee, Elizabethâ„¢ and their new sister, Zaraâ„¢.

The recent introduction of Zaraâ„¢ complements the existing Jubilee Selections offering by extending the availability of British strawberries.  The extended variety range allows strawberry lovers to enjoy the premium season for longer; available from the start of May until the end of September.

This cooling recipe is fit for a queen.

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Serves 4, prep 15 mins, cook 20 mins


400g punnet of Jubilee Selections by Driscoll’s strawberries

80g carton pomegranate seeds

Half side of salmon, about 800g cut into 4 even pieces or 4 salmon fillets, skin on

About 2 tbsp olive oil

Few basil leaves for garnish 

Wild rocket to serve

For the Jubliee strawberry salsa

400g punnet of Jubliee Selections by Driscoll’s strawberries, hulled and chopped (reserve four intact with leaf for garnish)

1 cucumber, trimmed and sliced lengthways, seeds removed with a teaspoon then halved lengthways again and sliced

Drizzle extra virgin olive oil

Pinch chilli flakes

Handful of mint leaves, finely chopped  


1 First make the salsa; add the strawberries and cucumber to a bowl then add the oil, chilli flakes and mint and stir well then season and stir again. Put to one side.

2 Now add the strawberries and pomegranates to a food processor and blitz until smooth then pour the mixture through a sieve into a bowl and push it through using the back of a spoon. Pour the sieved juice into a small pan and heat on hot for a few minutes until it reduces a little, remove from heat and put to one side. 

3 Smoother the salmon on both sides with the olive oil, season well with sea salt and plenty of freshly grated black pepper. Heat a griddle pan until hot then add the salmon pieces skin side down. (Do this in two batches if pan overcrowded) cook undisturbed for about 3-4 mins, or until they come away from the pan base with ease.

Turn and cook the other side for about the same time (depending on thickness you may need more or less time) or until opaque and cooked through.

Transfer salmon pieces to serving plates, add some salsa to the plate and spoon the dressing over the salmon (if it needs reheating do so) Top with basil leaves to garnish and serve with a handful of wild rocket.   

Cook’s tip: If you prefer to roast the salmon; preheat oven to gas 5/190C (170C in a fan oven) sit the salmon in a roasting tin, drizzle over olive oil, season well and cook in oven for about 20 mins or until salmon is cooked through and opaque.