Bring a touch of Italian romance to your Valentine’s Day this year with Campari’s range of classic cocktails – to transport you to Milan for the night… without the expense! 

Whether you are celebrating with an evening of dinner and drinks out, or choosing to bring the romance to your dining room, these Campari signature serves are stylish but simple to make. You can even pair them with food to create the perfect aperitivo moment.

Campari has three key serves which can be easily made at home:

–          The Milanese G&T; an Italian twist on a British classic, will transport you to an aperitivo bar in Milan

–          The Negroni; the perfect pre-dinner aperitivo will help to set the mood and bring a slice of Italian style to your evening

–          The Americano; if old school Hollywood Glamour is more your style then the Americano is the leading cocktail in a romantic role, tall and bubbly with a twist, this cocktail is made to be in the opening scene or closing credits of your evening

The classic Campari cocktails can be recreated at home with a handful of simple ingredients, following the easy recipes listed below. Alternatively, for ease and convenience, Campari’s pre-mixed Negroni RRP £19.00 is available at a Waitrose near you now.

Glass of Campari G&T with limesThe Milanese G&T

Tall glass with cubed ice

25ml Campari

25ml Bulldog Gin

Top with tonic water

Squeeze if fresh lime

Garnish with a lime wedge

Glass of Campari Negroni with an orangeThe Negroni

Rocks glass filled with cubed ice

25ml Campari

25ml Bulldog Gin

25ml Cinzano Rosso 1757  Vermouth

Garnish with an orange twist

Glass of Campari Americano with lemon slicesThe Americano

Tall glass filled with cubed ice

25ml Campari

25ml Cinzano Rosso 1757 vermouth

Top with soda water

Garnish with a lemon slice