INCA a high-end Latin American restaurant has just celebrated a brand new drink and food a la carte menu.

INCA is no ordinary establishment. The restaurant is designed around a centre stage where live performers interact with diners; moving through the venue with a theatrical and passionate flair.

From soul-stirring music to gravity-defying dances, each moment is a testament to the enduring spirit of the Andean people and their deep connection to the natural world.

Forget your usual burlesque and disappointing Parisian Moulin Rouge. The performers of ‘Nativo’ show are both talented and passionate about their work.

From Rumba, West End dancing and singing, to the charismatic lead performer, we had an evening to remember.

Paired with excellent a la carte of course. This wouldn’t be a food review without that.

INCA menu features a number of Japanese influenced dishes. So I personally would consider it more of Nikkei style.

We start our evening with salmon makis presented in style on a black graphite serving board and a golden dusted INCA print.

Delicate salmon wrapped in delectably sticky rice are hard to resist.

Followed by piquant tuna tartar tostados. Cubed fresh dark red tuna and authentic tostados. I plan to ask our waiter on whether the tostados are wheat free made from nixtamalized corn but with such a theatrical start of the show it completely slips off my mind.

I favour nixtamalised corn dishes over the Western wheat analogues, apart from being healthier the alkalined corn just has that unique  tone that completes tortilla dishes better.

Enough about the kitchen, at least for now, as the  artistry at the bar shouldn’t be overlooked, where skilled mixologists concoct beverages like the Caliente, a cocktail that promises to transport guests directly to the streets of Jalisco, Mexico.

Made with Tequila Don Julio 1942, infused with spices like peppers, plums, and chilli, this cocktail assures a truly original and unique experience.

It does come at a steep £75 price tag but you are paying for the performance too with both servers presenting the drink over dry ice and smoke as seen here in hand shaped glass holder.

In addition to the finer Tequila Don Julio 1942 of course.

It was something quite unique and not as spicy as the picante title claims but the true star of the show for both of us is baked king crab leg with chilli garlic mayo and crispy buckwheat.

We both have eaten a fair share of king crabs with this ranking highly for both of us.

Chilli mayo is a flawless pair for a slightly sweet crab meat adding just enough picante and creamy texture without overpowering the delicate crab.

I asked to repeat my personal favourite on the cocktails list – Beso Batida with its mesmerising visual gradation from blue Yaguara Cachaca to baby pink.

It’s not just pleasing on the eye but also flavour, the silky smooth almond milk and balanced guava notes are spot on.

I was concerned the almond milk will make it into a liquid dessert however it’s actually very light, a great cocktail for start of an evening.

Despite a sizable king crab that actually considered to be a starter so we move onto the mains.

INCA has 2 signature mains seared dover sole with spicy shiso ponzu and caramelized lime.

Like Beso the cocktail Dover main ticks both flavour and presentation boxes. Tantalising on the tongue with a meaty texture inside, cooked just right.

As a nose-to-tail advocate or gill-to-fin in this case I’m pleased with the chef’s skill to utilise even the skeleton of the sole, creating an artistic structure on a plate.

Second signature main is charred lamb chops with sweet potato cream and yellow & red anticucho sauce.

Served in a fiery performance by the waiter setting the chops on fire in front of the guests table for an extra charred flavour keeping them still extremely tender inside.

As it’s starting to get late and the show is slowly coming to an end we set for home with no dessert not that we have space.

I don’t mention the show as much and that’s because you have to see it for yourself.

In summary you get to immerse yourself in vibrant costumes, constantly evolving themes and energetic artists.

The “Nativo” show is a world where the ancient and the contemporary converge in perfect harmony.

INCA is a fine dining destination with immersive energetic atmosphere. The price tag sets the expectations high but well worth it for a special occasion on an evening out in London.