On Monday 18 January 2016, the American Bar will launch The London Menu – a new cocktail menu that combines theatre and storytelling, as it takes guests on a journey around six of the London boroughs that surround The Savoy.  

Taking in some of London’s most fascinating places from iconic landmarks to hidden corners, each cocktail on the menu will have its own story to tell. Driven by American Bar manager Declan McGurk, the new menu has been crafted and perfected over many months by head bartender Erik Lorincz and his team. 

From Westminster and the City, to Hackney, Tower Hamlets and from Islington to Camden, each of the six boroughs are represented by four cocktails.

Featuring on the menu are current head bartender Erik Lorincz’s take on the American Bar’s longest surviving cocktail – the’Green Park,’ alongside creations such as the’Abbey Road’, inspired by the studio made famous in the 1960s. A’Punk Rock’ 80s concoction and a drink based around the Olympic Park of 2012 are also examples on this hugely diverse and collaborative menu.

One of the signature serves will be’Pickering Place’, a unique sharing cocktail experience featuring two drinks and inspired by its namesake, the last known London site for a duel. Playing with the idea of a duel, the imaginative team have turned the story of Pickering Place into a short silent film, which visitors to the American Bar will be able to view when ordering the cocktails.

Joe Wilson, the artist behind the Beaufort Bar’s spectacular pop up menu, will communicate the cocktails visually as hand-drawn illustrations. Each of the twenty-four cocktails – four from each of the six boroughs.


The American Bar operates a no reservations policy.

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