Unlike standard rums which are made with syrups and molasses, Depaz is made using only the pressed juice of freshly cut sugar cane

Depaz, one of the world’s oldest rums has brought a taste of its Martinique home in the French West Indies to British drinkers in time to celebrate the end of the year.


One of the few rums to hold’AOC Rum Agricole status (‘appellation d’origine controlee’) – a mark exclusive to Martinique, denoting production in a small designated geographical area – Depaz is one of the island’s finest terroir spirits; a traditionally crafted rum.

There are  four 700ml expressions,  all perfect for sipping and savouring: Depaz Plantation Rum, Depaz VSOP Reserve Speciale, Depaz Grand Reserve XO and Depaz Port Cask Finish.


From cane to cask, every drop of Depaz Rum is produced at the Depaz Estate and Distillery on Martinique’s rugged north-west coast.

This terroir is at the heart of the rum. The rich volcanic soil surrounding Mont Peleé, and the shelter it provides from rain clouds brought to Martinique on the eastern trade winds, cultivate the estate’s high quality blue sugar cane. Harvested each spring amid celebrations, its juices result in a rum of unique character and superb depth of flavour.

Each expression is smooth, flavourful and perfectly balanced, with different styles and finishes to suit different tastes. For connoisseurs of flavour looking for something a bit different to sip this Christmas, Depaz is a drink to look out for. 


●      Depaz Plantation Rum (45%ABV, 700ml): matured in oak casks for at least three years. This characterful rum has delicate vanilla aromas, with hints of coconut and chocolate, followed by soft notes of prune, cocoa and cinnamon on the nose.  Distinctive notes of vanilla, candied fruit, coconut, chocolate and prune follow on the palate.

●      Depaz VSOP Reserve Speciale (45% ABV 700ml): a unique blend of rums aged for at least seven years in selected small oak casks. On the nose, a perfect blend of chocolate, dried fruit, tobacco and liquorice aromas, with hints of prune, vanilla and soft oak. A beautifully rounded taste, pairing prune notes with hints of soft oak and a long, slightly spicy finish.

●      Depaz Grand Reserve XO (45% ABV 700ml): an exceptionally rich, complex yet balanced blend of rums aged between nine and ten years. Spice, chocolate, rose and liquorice aromas give way to prune, vanilla and soft oak notes on the nose. There are flavours of soft, fine vanilla and oak on the palate.

●      Depaz Port Cask Finish (45% ABV 700ml): matured for at least eight years in selected oak casks and finished for eleven months in Port casks to give a distinctive flavour. Aromas of delicate oak with vanilla, chocolate and ripe fruits on the nose. Flavours of soft oak, followed by vanilla pastry and chocolate on the palate, developing into notes of mature port laced with hazelnut, dried fruits, cocoa and rose jam. A lingering finish with notes of subtle jasmine, coffee and plum.