BunCo, continues to turn the traditional bao bun on its head with the introduction of an-all new menu offering

mcith__ML_3271.jpgIt’s available throughout the summer with choices that are pretty unique in taste and value.

Open seven days a week, from dusk through to dawn (8am – 9pm), the’fast-good’ not’fast-food’ bun group, known for its USP of serving unusual fillings such as Ox Cheek, Pulled Lamb and Pulled Duck, has created a line-up of buns, as well as weekly specials, including Prawn Tempura, Chicken Shish, Smoked Salmon and Pulled Pork. 

There are naked and gluten free buns on offer for those looking for the lighter option. 

For the early risers, Bunco’s breakfast menu has Egg & Pancetta, Egg & Sausage and Egg & Smoked Salmon.  For the sweet-toothed Bunco fans, the’Buntella’ is, as the name suggests, layered with nutty chocolate paste and fresh strawberries. 

There are also Bunco bowls, priced from £5.50.  Base options of grains, tabbouleh and quinoa with toppings of falafel, goat’s cheese, battered cod and fried chicken.


All Bunco buns, priced from £2.90, are freshly-made and steamed on-site with all-natural colourings (even the red, black and green buns) and no additives or sugar, making for a lighter and healthier bun.

Bunco’s unique bun party packs also give the option to mix and match 16 choices. 

Priced at £49.50, the party packs are made for group outings or in-house gatherings, and provide a welcomed alternative, any day of the week!

Bunco, 22 Monument Street