The team at Baozilnn Soho has n been busy creating a new selection of Northern Chinese street food and all-day Cantonese Dim Sum, with a brand-new menu launched at Romilly Street.

mcith_bao2.jpgThe new menu is divided into colourful platters, chef specials, cold dishes, fried dishes, dumplings & wontons, skewers, hot dishes, noodles and rice.

Standout new additions include the fresh and zingy Cucumber in Chillies and Shredded Chicken in Chef’s Special Red Oil, The Baozilnn Fried platter featuring Crispy Oyster Mushrooms, Crispy Spring rolls and Minced prawn with seaweed wrapped in a bean curd sheet, and the Crispy Fried Tofu.

New skewer platters include the Ocean Selection Platter with scallops, king prawns and squid fillets and the Mixed Veggie Platter with seasonal vegetables, tofu and mushrooms.

There’s the Asparagus with garlic or XO sauce i and the Steamed Scallops with garlic, XO or spicy sambal sauce steamed on a bed of soupy glass noodles.

Chef’s Special King Prawns with Crispy Noodles in Ginger and Spring Onion Sauce is prawns draped around a crispy nest of noodles, drizzled with a vibrant green sauce made with spring onions and ginger.


Of course, BaoziInn continue their trademark naturally coloured Xiao Long Bao soup dumplings.

The new variety features minced pork and scallop in a rich broth with a lavender colour, thanks to the red cabbage dye used.

Dishes on the new menu range from £6 to £26.90 and are available at lunch and dinner.

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