To help us all become BBQ stars this summer, Crock-Pot have created some delicious BBQ-inspired recipes from around the world:

Alternatively, if it isn’t sunny outside this summer with Crock-Pot you can skip the grill, and create delicious BBQ-style indoors. Here are two recipes:

Top tips for a perfect BBQ every time:

Light the BBQ before friends arrive

To ensure your guests aren’t left waiting for it to warm, light your BBQ before they arrive. The tantalising smell of grilled meat, will create the perfect atmosphere and will make sure they are hungry

Have everything you need nearby

Many say that the BBQ is a one’man’ job but often if you aren’t organised it can leave you feeling flustered. To prevent unnecessary stress, make sure you have all your utensils, marinades and dishes in one place. For a stress- free experience, marinade your meat the day before as this will allow you to spend more time with your guests. Be sure to add salt as late as possible, to ensure the meat doesn’t dry out. Another top tip is to make sure you have enough space to prepare your meat and to calculate how many grill loads you will need to cook before you start cooking.

Stay by your BBQ’s side

To prevent any cooking mishaps, make sure you stay by the grill. You won’t feel lonely as friends and family will come to you (especially if they are hungry!)

Slow – cook for succulent meat.

While BBQs create a delicious smoky, crispy coating on your meat, there is nothing worse than tough (or underdone!) meat. To help you spend more time with guests and achieve succulent meat every time, place your meat into your Crock-Pot and slow cook for 6-7 hours on High or until tender and then finish on the BBQ. You can also use the slow-cooker juices as a delicious sauce to accompany your meat.

Avoid the chill

Make you sure you remove any raw meat form the fridge at least 20 minutes before cooking, for raw barbecue dishes to reach room temperature. If the meat, chicken, fish or vegetable is too cold in the centre, the outside could burn before the inside is cooked.

Give it a rest!

Resting is an essential part of the BBQ process. For the most succulent meat, leave it to rest for few minutes to allow the meat juices to be reabsorbed. Rest the meat on a warmed tray and cover with foil to prevent it going cold on cooler summer evenings.

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