You can’t escape vegetarian food this January but when it’s as good as Bill’s, it’s well worth embracing.


Bill’s Restaurant and Bar are doing British Veganuary menu with what seem to us an accessible, affordable and most importantly delicious selection of vegan specials for those who are trying Veganuary or for those who simply want to eat plant-based food.

Well, having eaten a great deal of what’s offer at their press night we have to say the Bill’s done good

Vegetables and fresh produce have been founder Bill Collison’s main love since his first restaurant in Lewes.

There, he tells us as we scoff, were always fresh tomatoes piled up on the counter in the restaurant, the chefs would come and help themselves.They’d knock up soups and use left-overs to make tarts or chutneys.


Well there’s a lot more on the menu today. For January, they are taking their vegan offering up a further notch with seven more vegan specials including two new vegan desserts that can be purchased for just £5 each when you buy a vegan main course.

We tried  Wild Mushroom Soup with garlic croutons and chives, Miso Aubergine Fritters with smoked chilli and soy dip topped with mixed seeds from the starter list 

Mains dishes such as Mushroom and Tarragon Suet Pudding with roasted mushroom, parsley and white bean cassoulet and Bill’s Beetroot Steak with a portion of fiery tiger fries, bearnaise mayo and pea shoots were completely delicious.


Desserts, not that we had much room left,  included Sticky Chocolate Pudding drizzled with syrup, icing sugar and hazelnut crumb, served with a scoop of coconut ice cream and Amaretto and Raspberry Frozen Parfait served with shortbread crumb, coconut flakes and raspberry sauce.

You’ve got until January to try these extra special dishes and it’s well worth making sure you do.

Don’t forget to click on the images to see them lusciously larger!