Critically acclaimed Italian restaurant Bocca di Lupo will continue its series of regional’takeovers’ with a special selection of dishes originating from Sicily, on Sunday 18th and Sunday 25th June.

Bocca di Lupo’s private dining room will be opened up to all and transformed into a convivial feasting den, with the region’s tasting menu, banquet-style sharing tables, and informed guides to the food and wine of Sicily. 

Guests will be able to feast on pastas from this beloved Mediterranean island. Dishes will include Bucatini and cauliflower beaten with pine nuts, raisins, anchovy, saffron and breadcrumbs; Risotto with almonds; and Paccheri with aubergine, swordfish and mint.

The third and final regional menu will be available in October and will celebrate the region of Calabria. Dishes will include Spaghetti al capretto with roasting juices from kid goat ribs; and Crucette, a crucifix of dried figs, baked with walnuts, cloves and cinnamon served with fig leaf gelato.

For bookings, please contact Bocca di Lupo on 0207 734 2223 or visit