For the first time Tomos Parry and his team at Brat will take bookings for a brunch menu at their Redchurch Street restaurant from the 3rd October.

mcith_brat.gifFrom 9.30am every Saturday and Sunday the Brat brunch dishes will continue the approach of cooking seasonal produce from across Devon, Cornwall and Tomos’ native Wales over wood fire.

Brat will serve a seafood platter of Cornish lobsters and mussels, north coast langoustines, Welsh cockles, goose barnacles and oysters from the Menai Straits. At the heart of the menu is the style of freshly grilled breads which Brat has always served.

These are made with indigenous wheats grown organically and is ground at Felin Ganol watermill in West Wales. Here the grilled bread is served with lardo and rich egg yolks. Other dishes involve the team breaking down rare breed Mangalitsa pigs to cure the fat and make terrines served on toast with plum jams. Kippers and onions are served smoked over hay.

“It’s always a big effort to make a change, such as adding a new type of menu to the restaurant as the team have got into a rhythm despite the recent choppy waters. However, the idea of doing a brunch service at Brat instantly cheered us up as we started to work up menu ideas. The influences on our cooking are a little broader for these new dishes. I think at this time of the day you want to eat food which is fore-mostly reassuring and satisfying, so the chopped egg salad returns alongside potato cake and a simple plate of grilled lamb chops and green sauce”.

The restaurant team feel that there’s something about Brat that just works for a weekend morning menu. Up the dark stairway and through the kitchen into a room with huge windows, mid morning light pouring in and the buzz around the 30’s wood panelled room. 

“On a day off I can imagine meeting friends there on a Saturday morning for a few small plates then slipping into a long lunch.”

When taking the Brat team to visit the restaurants and fishing ports of Getaria, Tomos always stops for a glass of Txakoli in the bars near the sea. This fisherman’s tradition of drinking the sparkling wine with fresh shellfish and some robust warming dishes late in the morning will be T will be continued at Brat.

Brat at Redchurch Street will serve brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.30am from 3rd October.

4 Redchurch St


E1 6JL