There’s a new menu from Carluccio’s available at restaurants nationwide with  introduction of some of Antonio Carluccio’s original heritage recipes.

mcith_Carluccio%27s-A_W-.jpgThe new menu is an homage to the legacy that Antonio created twenty years ago, with recipes originally crafted at his first restaurant, the widely acclaimed Neal Street in Covent Garden.

Recipes taking centre stage on the menu include Zuppa di Funghi, a rich and earthy soup of porcini, shiitake and oyster mushrooms served with fresh focaccia bread and Beef Ragù Pappardelle with slow-cooked beef and red wine ragù with olives which Antonio developed with Eric Chauvet who remains the executive chef today.

Other additions include five new antipasti dishes for sharing, with choices including Pugliese Burrata, a Salumi Plate, offering a regional selection of cured meats with fresh focaccia, and Polpette, beef meatballs in a tomato sauce with a Parmigiano Reggiano served on grilled ciabatta.

The secondi section expands Carluccio’s plant-based options with the Veganese. The dish is an alternative to the classic Chicken Milanese, made with a plant-based escalope in rosemary breadcrumbs served with charred tender-stem broccoli, sweet & sour peppers, raisins, flaked almonds, basil and chilli mayonnaise.  

Carluccio’s signature dishes remain: penne giardiniera, giant Pugliese penne with crispy spinach balls; Antonio’s famous mushroom risotto with a hint of chilli and truffle oil as well as a sharing verdure board laden with baby peppers with pesto, grilled courgette, artichokes, balsamic onions, olives, sweet and sour peppers with raising and flaked almonds, served with homemade focaccia.

Finish off with the’Bosco Incantato'(meaning’Enchanted Forest’)– a dessert inspired by Antonio’s passion for all things funghi – a’toadstool’ of vanilla & chocolate ice cream, chocolate & hazelnut sauce, on a forest floor of pistachios, hazelnuts, fresh raspberries and panettone.