We like a Scotch Egg here, although not usually the ‘artisan type’. What’s wrong with a supermarket one? Well everything really, but all the same it is remarkably satisfying, especially eaten in the car park before driving home.

Well here we have a Scotch Egg that is bit between two stools, it it doesn’t claim to be artisan but it isn’t off the shelf.

Available for the Christmas season ONLY from MuscleFood, each pack contains two giant eggs. Each handmade egg contains rpork seasoned with Christmas spice, cranberries and orange, and a cheesy middle of mellow Camembert.

We took our two, whacked them in the oven along with some oven chips and then served with a salad, because we are very health conscious.

Twenty five minutes later, out they came. One had sprung a leak and lost most of its camembert, which was a shame, but the other cut open and oozed as advertised.

We thought they were a little underseasoned for our taste but that gooey centre hit the spot. And that filling was certainly filling.

No reason not to eat them all year round, but not in the car park. The cheese gets on the seats.The eggs and much more are available from Musclefood