In appreciation of the often overlooked black truffles – or’tartufo’ – from the Murgia plateau in Puglia, this autumn, Ostuni will be celebrating the truffle season with a unique tartufo menu, available from October until December 2016 at both the Highgate and Queen’s Park restaurants.

Specially curated by owner Rob Claassen, the menu is inspired by both Rob’s recent travels across the mountainous Murgia region, and his desire to elevate the region’s accessibly priced, yet high quality tartufo, to the heights of more commonly seen gourmet truffle varieties such as the Alba.

Frisella di burrata con tartufo (£4.50)

Puglian crouton, Frisella, made in a 150 year old oven, topped with truffle infused stracciatella burrata and capocollo di Martina Franca with a shaving of fresh black truffle – a flavoursome trio of delicate, creamy burrata, complemented by the scented black truffle and complex flavour of Puglia’s esteemed DOC cured meat.

Insalata Crudite con olio tartufo (£7.50)

A crisp salad of shaved white asparagus, celeriac, black radish, pomegranate and pecorino, drizzled with truffle oil.

Of Ostuni’s strong and charismatic wine list, Locorotondo, Pastini, Valle d’Itria’15 is Rob’s recommendation for these antipasti – a delicate, crisp and slightly aromatic white Puglian wine with a mineral balance and a dry, lively character.


Foglio d’ulivo con burrata stracciatella al tartufo (£9/£16.80)

A rustic green olive leaf pasta dish served with burrata and Cardoncelli mushrooms, topped with black truffle shavings.

Puglian red, Nero di Troia, Duca D’Asoli ’12 is Rob’s recommendation for this dish. Wonderfully rounded and smooth, his choice has a richness that makes it the creamy burrata’s perfect companion, without being overpowering.


Arrosto misto con la bombetta al tartufo (£17.80)

Fresh Puglian capocollo of pork thinly sliced and wrapped around sweet provolone cheese, Cardoncelli mushrooms and fresh black truffle, skewered and roasted in Ostuni’s charcoal fornello. Here the sweet, subtle mushroom notes of the tartufo will uplift the ultimate Puglian street-food snacks. (Served as part of Ostuni’s signature arrosto misto with bombette Classica – with pork and provolone, coated in breadcrumbs – and bombette Saporita – with paprika, sundried tomato and provolone, homemade pork and fennel seed sausage and rustic chips)

A stand in for Barolo with its full body and deep but fine masculine tannins, Negroamaro, Poderi Angelini, ’12 is suggested pairing for the arrosto misto given its juicy core and impactful dark prune, fig and spice flavours.


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