London’s Natural History Museum has introduced a new dining concept to its portfolio of eateries. The T.rex Grill – a dinosaur themed restaurant located in the Museum’s Fossil Way, transports visitors back millions of years to dine with dinosaurs

interior of londons natural history museum t rex grillThe fun restaurant is primarily aimed at families with children aged 12 and under. A new menu uses produce reared and sustainably sourced in the UK and serves a range of dishes including the new T.rex burger, as well as a choice of fresh salads and stone baked pizzas. There is also a special menu for children, giving’Little Grillers’ plenty of energy to enjoy the Museum’s Dinosaur Gallery and complete Stegosaurus skeleton afterwards. 

Mirroring the lands of the Cretaceous period, animatronic Velociraptors will welcome guests and giant T.rex dinosaur characters fill each wall. The children’s menu also includes fun and educational dinosaur themed games and facts. 

What’s more, the Grill is running a #LittleGrillers competition. The restaurant’s young diners are invited to draw a picture of their favourite dinosaur and tweet it using #LittleGrillers. Every six weeks, the best drawing will be chosen and the lucky winner will receive a selection of dinosaur goodies. 

The T.rex Grill, located on the Natural History Museum’s Fossil Way, just off of Hintze Hall is open daily between 11.00 and 16.00. 

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