A new launch from the team at Tokyo Diner – Fakey Cakey

mcith_Seared%20Salmon%20Fakey%20Cakey%20Following the re-opening of the hospitality industry, the team at Tokyo Diner didn’t feel as though they could safely bring the restaurant back to life – a big decision for them, as they have been open 365 days a year since launching in 1992 until this year.

Thinking back on better days, they remembered a savoury cake one of the long-standing chefs, Gayan-san, had created six years earlier for founder Richard’s 60th birthday. From there, Fakey Cakey was born… 

Fakey Cakey is a hand-crafted savoury cake make from layers of shari (Japanese seasoned rice) and fresh vegetables, layered with different fillings – there will be 11 different flavours launching initially including a cooked meat, fish & seafood range, a sashimi range, and a vegetarian & vegan range. Each one is hand-finished with beautiful decorations to make it look as good as it tastes.  

What’s more, Fakey Cakey is healthy and filling; a cake you can really make a meal out of. FakeyCakey is the perfect centrepiece for any occasion from a dinner party with friends to a big birthday party spread – it will add a touch of something special to even the most ordinary of get-togethers.

The 11 creations will include:

ï‚· Katsu Fakey Cakey (available with pork, chicken, beef, vegetarian mince, and tofu)

ï‚· Seared Salmon Fakey Cakey

ï‚· Sashimi Colosseum Fakey Cakey

ï‚· Asparagus Garden Fakey Cakey (vg)

ï‚· Mixed Vegetable Tempura Fakey Cakey (v)

Fakey Cakeys will be available to order from: fakeycakey.com, and initially can be delivered within 4.5 miles of Tokyo diner, with the aim of expanding to all London postcodes within the M25 very soon.

Alternatively, they can be collected from Tokyo Diner, Soho, RRP £100 – £150 (excludingdelivery).

Fakey Cakey will be available from the 14th September 2020, with a soft launch offer; 50% off all Fakey Cakeys until Sunday 20th September 2020 with code FAKEYCAKEY50. /fakeycakey.com/