Fine Cider is the UK’s premium cider wholesaler supplying an impressive roster of Michelin starred chefs and restaurants across the UK with some of the finest ciders the UK produces.

mcith_Picture1.pngNow you can meet them in a series of tastings and chats on Instagram Live with some of the high profile chefs they usually supply.

Five days before, on the Fine Cider Instagram page, you can see ciders they will be tasting in the Instagram Live and have a chance to buy the ciders so they can join in the tasting.

75p from each bottle sale will be donated to the Meal Kitchen that has been set up by Jolene in Hackney and Bao who are raising funds via GoFundMe, to cook meals for NHS staff and the homeless and those most vulnerable at this time.

The first Instagram Live will be on Wednesday 22 April at 6pm with Ania Smelskaya of Silo Restaurant & Polly of Find & Foster the Instagram Live will take place on Aina’s instagram account.

Then sommelier Albert Blaize (instagram live on this account) & Tillingham Wines on Thursday 23 April, Merlin Labron-Johnson (instagram live on this account) of Oisip & Sam & Beccy from Wilding Cider on Friday 24 April, and Rob Simpson (instagram live on this account) of the Clove Club and Martin of Pilton Cider on Saturday 25 April.

All Instagram Lives will be at 6pm. All of the lives will be on the chefs / sommeliers instagram pages.

The restaurateurs and sommeliers they work with all know the nature of this cider, why it has such depth, and is so fascinating.

The idea is for them to be the gatekeepers for more of the public to see why it’s so premium; learn how nuanced it is, how it’s made, and why it deserves the price it does. They want to allow people a proper introduction into the amazing libations these makers create.

The website more accessible to a cider novice but snow with a range of lower priced offerings such as smaller orders ciders starting at £3 per bottle including delivery with a minimum order of six bottles.

Oliver’s Fine Perry 2017 falls into this price bracket which is an easy drinking, chewy perry. It has a floral, aromatic nose with notes of guava and pineapple. It is a juicy perry with citrus, rhubarb and melon vying with pear and it is fermented with wild yeasts.

Pilton’s Tomoshanta 2016 comes in at £7.41 for the larger bottles, including delivery, with a minimum order of three bottles. It has notes of oak, whisky with natural sweetness and robust Somerset tannins. Keeving and initial fermentation takes place in large vats but on Burns Night the young cider is transferred to Scotch whisky barrels to finish and mature/

They are shipping all over the country via courier with £10 off on all orders. They are delivering themselves in East & North London.

For those who are intrigued, they have put together handy selection boxes of ciders with their top picks.

They have the Light and Easy Selection at £56 for six bottles. All wonderful, sumptuous bottles of cider or perry, but nothing too dry or tannic, wild or funky.

If you’re new to the world of fine cider and want somewhere safe (but glorious) to start, then this is the selection for you.

They also have the Intriguing and Complex Selection at £66 for six bottles. It is for those looking to truly taste all that cider can be – with bottles venturing into the domain of the wild and funky, but also simply the unique & out of the ordinary end of the fine cider spectrum

This selection brings together some of the most fascinating bottles being made today, all from some of the most exciting makers on the planet; those pushing the boundaries, defining quality and experimenting in wonderful ways.

They can also create bespoke selections that are tailored to people’s specific tastes.

So start your cider exploration today with the Fine Cider Company who have been championing makers for the past five years and it is paramount at this time people keep ordering cider in order for these makers to survive.