For two weeks this July, Gaucho is serving its Legacy menu, including its historic Ecuadorian Ceviche and legendary Lomo a la Milanese  

Has it really been thirty years? I remember when Gaucho opened but it seems like yesterday. As I head tonight into what was its first restaurant in London, the one in Piccadilly andnow Gaucho’s flagship, I can still remember my first time.

It was all very exciting, and the wines (at that time Gaucho was the only place stocking seriously good Argentinian wines), were a revelation. It now still has the UK’s most extensive selection of indigenous Malbec wines

Gaucho was originally based in the basement of the building, once the Spanish ambassador’s residence, but now occupies all four floors. Over the past 30 years it’s expanded across London and the UK, and now has twelve restaurants in the capital and eight in England, Wales and Scotland.

I’ve come to try their special nostalgic menu. This exclusive Gaucho Restaurant Week menu, available until 15th July, which features iconic dishes that have defined Gaucho’s journey. This Legacy menu will be available for just £30 and is served with a heavily discounted £30 bottle of Malbec, 30 years, £30 for three course and £30 wine. 

Each dish has its original date marked on the menu. The Ecuadorian Ceviche of prawns ‘cooked’ in leche de tigre with avocado, red onion with coriander, debuted in 2012, and Gaucho was the first restaurant group to bring the now-ubiquitous cured fish dish to London. It’s still delicious as is Crab Causita from 2016, an amarillo puree layered with crab, coriander and red amaranth cress,

There is Lomo a la Milanese – an Argentinian staple made famous by its Italian immigrant community, which showcases high-quality steak served breadcrumbed in Milanese style, first served to diners in 2008.

Pan fried salmon (2016) with corn is delicious and of course there is steak, Churrasco Quadril from day one, 1994.

We end with the OG Dulce de Leche Pancakes – using the same Dulce de Leche recipe from Gaucho’s opening in 1994 and drain the last glass of a superb Malbec.

To join Gaucho in celebrating this exceptional milestone book your table here.  

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