Award-winning chef Jeff Tan’s second, high-end restaurant has introduced a new Taste of Saigon brunch menu.

Jeff has created a menu that is bursting with flavours typical of Vietnamese cooking; fragrant herbs, incredible broths and seasoned sauces, but adapted for a modern audience.

Served from 12pm to 5pm, the weekend brunch offering includes a’Taste of Saigon’ menu, at just £19.80 for two courses with a glass of wine or £23.80 for three courses with a glass of wine.

Choose from starters including Grilled Saigon pork ribs with fresh herbs andpickle and Carpaccio scallops with fresh chia seed dressing.

From the main courses, there’s Slow cooked black golf beef cheek with pho in chilli oil and fresh herbs; Saigon corn fed chicken, wok-fried with pineapple and steamed lemongrass rice and Baked pork belly rice with pickle, cucumber, shallots and home-made soy sauce.

And if you are in the mood for something sweet, try a dessert such as Shades of green (pandan infused coconut milk with sago).

For more free reign take your pick from the MeÌ£ MeÌ£ chon menu (meaning‘Mama’s choice’), featuring starters such as Cha la lot (grilled beef wrapped inbetel leaf) Banh bèo (Vietnamese steamed rice cake with prawns in chef’s home made sauce) and of course, Traditional summer rolls and Vietnamese

From the larger dishes, think Free range chicken curry (in Saigon style baked basil, tomato and bread) and not forgetting that popular Vietnamese favourite, Phó, including Phó Chỉ (slow cooked marbled beef with rice noodles in 16- hour slow boiled beef-bone- marrow and chicken soup) and Phó Bộ Biể (assorted seafood and chilli oil served with rice noodles in 16-hour slow boiled beef-bone- marrow and chicken soup).

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