This Chinese New Year, Hakkasan restaurants around the world will celebrate the Year of the Rooster with a limited edition menu, exclusive cocktail and desserts.

All 11 Hakkasan restaurants will continue to honour the Chinese wishing tree tradition inspired by the Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees in Hong Kong. During this auspicious time, guests will be able to share their hopes for the coming year by writing wishes on red and gold ribbons, and hang them on the iconic Hakkasan lattice cages.

The ribbons featuring a bespoke rooster design by London illustrator Kam Tang and limited edition menu will be available to guests from 13th January to 11th February.

 To begin the celebrations, guests will receive the Waltzing Collins cocktail featuring Asian spirits such as baijiu and sake, as well as Chinese New Year fruits like mandarin, which symbolizes luck for the new year. The cocktail will be decorated with a striking golden rooster to celebrate the Chinese zodiac inspired by the’waltz’ that the rooster performs whilst trying to attract a female.

Guests around the world will receive the Fortune tale for the Chinese New Year feast, a traditional Chinese prosperity salad that is tossed together at the table in front of the guest featuring roasted chicken, jellyfish and mooli. The dish is commonly eaten during Chinese New Year to begin the festive meal to bring prosperity and fortune.

In London, this will be followed by exclusive dishes such as Double boiled fish maw and chicken soup, a dish using luxury Chinese ingredients. The main dishes include Fry prawn with peppercorn, Steam turbot with saffron and supreme soup, Sautéed duck breast in spicy bean sauce and Three mushroom with abalone sauce.    

The menu ends with Deep fried sesame balls, a traditional Chinese dessert using a light pastry with a custard filling. Guests will also receive the Golden feather, an innovative dessert featuring a ginger panna cotta, mandarin and caramelised white chocolate.

The Chinese New Year menu is priced at £88, however guests can also opt for the £108 menu that features two additional authentic Chinese dishes; Braised Chilean abalone with oysters and a Sweeten bean stuffed sticky rice cake for dessert presented in the shape of goldfish.

Hakkasan will provide entertainment believed to bring good luck and fortune in the form of the Chinese lion dance. Performed on Saturday 28th January at Hakkasan Hanway Place and Hakkasan Mayfair as part of the restaurant’s Chinese New Year celebration, lion troupes will make their way through the intimate lattice woodwork cages, offering symbolic expressions of luck, fortune, wisdom and joy.