Brixton restaurant Halo Burger is launching two new exciting items onto its entirely plant-based menu — giving London-based food lovers even more options for when they crave a filthy fix.

mcith_halo.jpgThe THISâ„¢ Isn’t Chicken Nuggets will be available with 50% off from 13-16 August, with the Deep-Fried Vegan Magnum launching on Friday 16 August. 

Kicking off with added crunch are the THISâ„¢ Isn’t Chicken Nuggets. The crispy nuggets, with a texture identical to chicken, come as portions of 6 or 8 with your choice of BBQ sauce, signature sauce, ketchup or mayo. THISâ„¢ produce the most realistic plant-based chicken nugget alternative in the world, and Halo Burger can’t wait to see its diners dive in for some super savoury satisfaction.

If you’re more of a pud person, look no further than the new souped-up Deep-Fried Vegan Magnum. A velvety vegan vanilla Magnum is battered and coated in cornflakes and crushed up biscuits before being plunged into hot oil, creating a shattering shell.

As if that wasn’t enough, the whole thing is then drizzled with a plant-based chocolate sauce.  

Founder, Ross Forder said “The movement towards meat-free isn’t going anywhere. At Halo Burger, we’re expertly placed to showcase the best new food technology in a way that’s familiar for 99% of the population. We believe if the general public are given an option that tastes as good or better than their usual meat option, with the added benefit of fewer greenhouse gasses, less water used, and zero animal cruelty why wouldn’t they take it?”