Mr Lyan and Doug McMaster’s Hoxton restaurant Cub, known widely for its work in sustainability, has announced a collaboration with chef Matthew Scott, previously of Hill & Szrok, 11th –  21st September. 

mcith_cub.jpgMatthew Scott, who has 15 years experience in the kitchen, will be creating the menu using ingredients from some of Cub’s classic suppliers, as well as his own, and including several items developed in the Cub Cave, Cub’s newly launched fermentation lab with renowned fermentation expert Dr Johnny Drain.

Whilst the menu will be mainly vegetarian he will also be creating one dish using meat sourced from ethically farmed, free range and grass fed animals and using products often seen as waste.

Since opening in 2017, Cub has worked to ensure that all aspects of the restaurant promotes sustainability.

Its menu is led by its ingredients and is well informed by sustainable supply and waste reduction, as its  dishes and drinks are made using ingredients often in abundance, readily available but usually overlooked. 

Matthew Scott helped build the nose to tail philosophy at Hill & Szrok and his ethos also stands for rejecting the commercial farming industry.

Instead he focuses on opting for more economically friendly suppliers whose animals contribute carbon back into the soil, where it belongs, by letting them graze and grow to maturity before being sold. 

153 Hoxton Street, N1 6BJ

Weds – Sat, 6pm – Midnight