The Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center (JFOODO) has announced an exciting London pop-up celebrating Sake & Seafood in October

mcith_Sake-%282%29.jpgStarting from October 24th for a3 days, JFOODO are collaborating with London’s iconic seafood restaurant, The Oystermen Seafood Bar & Kitchen.

Taking place in POPUP restaurant “Restaurant Paired”, in Shoreditch, JFOODO and The Oystermen will celebrate Japanese Sake as the best alcoholic beverage to enhance the taste of seafood by offering a new pairing menu.

Throughout the three day pop up, a Japanese Sake Sommelier and Sake Expert will be inviting the public to experience a selection of authentic Japanese sakes alongside an expertly paired seafood tasting menu.

This pop-up will also offer the opportunity to learn the etiquette and history behind sake tasting.

JFOODO hopes to break the stereotype “seafood goes well with white wine” and wants to encourage the pairing of Japanese sake with seafood instead.

Sake is both a beverage and an expression of Japanese identity. Once confined to Japanese menus, sake is becoming the drink of choice for lovers of fish and shellfish.

As part of “Escape the Ordinary –The fresh harmony of Seafood and Sake” concept – visitors will not only enjoy a regular’seafood and white wine’ pairing but will also enjoy a new’seafood and sake’ experience.

As a drink, sake evolved alongside Washoku (Japanese cuisine), which aims to bring out the best in the raw ingredients used to make it.

From a historical perspective, Japan has always been a seafood-focused country. Whether you’re by the sea or in the mountains, sake and seafood are served together all over Japan.

The key to sake’s popularity is its ability to bring out the natural flavours of seafood, while remaining non-reactive to potentially unpleasant scents and smells.

Wine grapes absorb iron from the soil and many winemakers use sulphites as preservatives, as such wine can react badly with seafood, resulting in fish-like odours.

In contrast, sake brewers are prohibited from using sulphites, and any iron is filtered out of the water or removed when brewers polish the rice grains.

In Japan, sake is known as “the drink of the gods”. With its diverse flavour profiles and flexible serving temperature, Japan’s national beverage is increasingly rivalling wine on the global culinary stage.

Examples of the Sake and Seafood a la carte Tasting Menu*


6/12 Dressed Oysters (£21/£36)

6/12 Selection of Natural Oysters (£15/£28)

Rope-grown Scottish Mussels, XO sauce (£4.50)

Smoked Cod Roe & Squid Ink Crackers (£4.50)


Portland Crab Patty, Black Garlic & Kohlrabi (£8.50)

Scallop Tartare, Black Sesame Lime & Jalapeno (£10)

Dorset Cuttlefish and Nduja Broth (£9)


Native Lobster Thermidor, Crayfish, Artichoke & Fennel (£25)

Garlic and Rosemary marinated Haddock Tempura, Sautéed Potatoes & Jalapeño Mayonnaise (£16.50)

Whole Dorset Brown Crab (Market Price)

Whole Grilled Brixham Plaice, Capers & Sandwort (£22.50)


75% Dark Chocolate Mousse, Peanut Brittle (£7)

Tahitian Vanilla Pannacotta, Sea Buckthorn & Mango (£7.50)

*Please note, this menu is subject to change

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Event Outline

Opening Day: 24th-26th October

Lunch: 12pm-3pm(Last Order)

Dinner: 5pm-9pm(Last Order)

Seats Available-38

Address:46 Great Eastern Street London, EC2A 3EP

For bookings visit: