This October, itsu has extended its best-selling frozen gyoza range with the launch of its totally unique teriyaki chick’n vegan gyoza into supermarket freezers nationwide.

mcith_Vegan%20Gyoza.jpgWith a meat-like texture, these dumplings sound good for those looking on a flexitarian diet or even those simply in search of new flavours to try.

I’m definitely the former. While still eating meat now and then, usually only in restaurants, I’ve otherwise had a meat-free fridge (apart from charcuterie) for over a year.

The problem with being veggie though is that meals take longer to prepare if they are to be any good and sometimes there’s no time.

Not eating meat has left our freezer under-employed, but we always had room for Itsu frozen gyozas. Now we can refill with meat-free dumplings for emergencies or just for fun.

100% plant-based and high in protein. These new gyoza can be taken from freezer to plate in just four minutes.Whether steaming, simmering or frying, they work as a snack, in a stir-fry or in abroths. 

Apparently Katherine Austin, itsu’s Senior NPD Manager and resident gyoza expert, spent months trying every meat alternative on the market and learning the ratios needed for creating the perfect, juicy plant-based meat. To add flavour and depth, she combined it with sweet teriyaki, kale, carrot and spring onion. 

We tried all the cooking methods, my favourite is always frying as I love the burnt sticky bits.

I am not a particular fan of giving vegetable dishes meat names, I used to use vegetarian sausages as the vegetable accompinament to my sausages, I think veg dishes can stand on their own.

But yes, these did have a chickeny texture but more importantly they tasted pretty good. I’ll definitely get a few more packs to pad the freezer with.

The teriyaki chick’n vegan gyoza are available on Ocado and in selected Waitrose in October, and Tesco freezers November. RRP. £3.75 [pack of 12 gyoza].


Teriyaki chick’n vegan gyoza ramen bowl


1 pack, itsu’s teriyaki chick’n vegan gyoza

1 sachet, itsu traditional miso’easy

10g, ginger cut into matchsticks

2 nests, egg noodles

4 baby pak choi cut in half lengthways

1 whole, red chilli sliced


1.     Cook the noodles, as per the packet instructions. Rinse with cold water, divide between two serving bowls

2.     Steam the pak choi, until tender and place on top of the noodles

3.     Steam the gyoza, as per the instructions on the pack [until the gyoza are cooked through], place on top of noodles & pak choi

4.     Boil the broth, empty the miso past into a small pan, add the ginger & pour over 400ml of boiling water. Bring to a gentle simmer and cook for 2 minutes to infuse the flavours

5.     Serve, pour the broth over the noodles, pak choi & gyoza. Serve with slices of chilli