Established by a collective of creatives from around the world, JUSU Brothers has crafted a connection between nutritious, healthy food and Japanese culture – a destination where gastronomy, imagination and interior design combine.

All Day Breakfast items are reimagined with choices like the Avo Don – walnut bread topped with fresh avocado, antioxidant-rich Red and Yellow Bowls with toppings such as bee pollen, agave and home-made granola, and French Toast made with soya milk, cinnamon, coconut oil and coconut sugar.

Fresh starters include the RAW Tuna Tartare or the Spicy Kimchi. The Mains menu champions JUSU Brother’s signature dishes, the Kale Salad and Okonomiyaki, an egg and cabbage cake with basmati rice, mush- rooms, roasted with a okonomi sauce, and is accompanied by fresh juices. Also available are vegan options such as the Maca Porridge made with buckwheat, Vegan Sushi and bRAWnies (raw brownies).

Opening hours : Monday – Friday : 8am – 6pm Saturday – Sunday : 8am – 6pm