Do you look lustfully at a kebab at 3am, wake up next to it sans beer goggles in the morning full of indigestion and regret, and swear to yourself ‘never again’, only to find yourself back in its embrace the next time your’re hazy and hungry?

Then you, my friend, need Kebab Rehab. It’s not about those strange shavings of lukewarm reformed meat; it’s an edible celebration of the wonderful and wide world of thrilling grilled items. It’s not about going cold turkey on the treat; it’s about raising your standards with a single splendid feast.

This summer, Roti Chai’s Sunday Socials are taking the title of ‘Kebab Rehab’ for a series of events celebrating the tradition and heritage of myriad not-so-humble kebabs. ‘Indo-Turk’ might be a confusing-sounding fusion, but Hulya Erdal, Zeren Wilson and Rohit Chugh are willing to bet you’ll buy it after one bite.

The first Kebab Rehab takes place on Fathers’ Day – and what Dad wouldn’t like to dally with an içli köfte Scotch egg, a venison-apple seekh kebab, a rich comforting bowl of duck haleem, and the ultimate adana that the dream team has spend many months perfecting?

Just be prepared to humour him when he sings, ‘they tried to make me go to Kebab Rehab, I said yes, yes, yes!’ over and over, all the way home…

Roti Chai‘s Kebab Rehab costs £30 per person with sittings from 1 to 4pm on 15th June.

For reservations, email [email protected] or call 020 7408 0101.

Roti Chai, 3 Portman Mews South, W1H 6HS,