Set your lunchtime free this summer with itsu’s brand new zero noodles: Satay Chicken, Miso Salmon and Greens & Beans, each under 200 calories

Zero noodles have been a staple food in South-East Asia for over 1500 years. These noodles are made from the root of the magical konjac plant which has been used regularly in traditional cooking across Asia. 

At only 8 calories per 100g, these small but mighty noodles incredibly contain zero fat, zero carbs and zero gluten. Itsu are the first to bring zero noodles in-store, leading the way for lighter, healthier lunch options in the UK.

Itsu zero noodles look and taste just like regular noodles, so you cut out the carbs while still feeling fully recharged to take on your day. With each salad clocking in at less than 200 calories.

You can now enjoy this healthy salad range packed with itsu’s signature Pan-Asian flavour in three varieties…

Satay Chicken

191 avg calories £5.99

What’s better than all of the flavour of your favourite chicken satay, with none of the calorific guilt? Glide your taste-buds away on a pan-Asian exploration and enjoy this low-calorie, high protein taste sensation.

Miso Salmon

198 avg calories £5.99

Treat yourself to a truly refreshing salmon salad, which will leave you full and satisfied, without weighing you down. The spicy sauce and herb dressing packs a flavoursome punch, so you’ll feel ready for anything!

Greens & Beans (Vegetarian)

176 avg calories £4.99

miso-infused silken tofu is a great source of protein and makes the perfect addition to a light and refreshing salad. This vitamin rich dish is packed with muki beans and vegetables for plenty of crunch.

So if you’re looking for a filling lunch with carbs but don’t want to weigh yourself down, then look no further. itsu’s new zero noodle salads make a deliciously light option that are always carb-free and flavour-filled.