LIMA Floral introduces a sharing menu combining their Peruvian market-inspired food with the sharpest flavours available at lunch in the main dining room.

The menu is modern, healthy and nutritious yet true to traditional flavours. The centrepiece is the Carnival selection: nine small plates to share between two, presented in a wooden box of windows, based on a Peruvian tradition of gifting.  

Ranging from the freshest’ceviches’, delicately sliced fish’tiraditos’ topped with Peruvian superfood ingredients, marinated meat and fish skewer’anticuchos’, to snacks and desserts, the menu is divided into clear sections to make enjoying a diverse Peruvian lunch as easy as possible.

Dishes include the tuna tiradito topped with a vibrant and flavour-packed dressing of seaweed caviar, Amazonian cashew pesto and sesame seeds and butter soft chicken anticuchos (skewers) with sundried chillies and black mint cream. Offering an array of choices, the menu includes inventive meat free options in almost all sections, including root vegetable ceviche with purple potato, olluco and heritage carrots and black quinoa causa with avocado, feta cheese and fava beans for vegetarian diners.

The vibrancy of the menu is inspired by Head Chef Robert Ortiz’s experience of sharing food from his childhood on the edge of the Amazon. He comments, “When I was 17, we would gather as a very large group of something like 36 cousins plus all extended family. Out of necessity – and a bit of family competition – our table was filled will many dishes and it was a big excitement to try so many things at one meal. I see customers wanting a break from a formulaic three-course meal looking to enjoy a lunch out where they can have a new experience in every mouthful.”

The menu is well suited to the nutrition conscious and showcases the South American country’s native superfood produce. With protein-packed quinoa, fibre-rich kiwicha (a relative of quinoa) and mineral-filled yucca root just some of the ingredients incorporated into dishes.

Chef Ortiz has also created a range of sugar free dessert options such as sweetcorn ice cream, is a naturally sweet and creamy end to the market food dining experience.

Available weekdays from 12 to 3PM in the main restaurant and a shortened version in the bar.

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