London restaurant Vivat Bacchus has launched an Extreme Cheeseboard at both its London branches in Farringdon and London Bridge.

With British Cheese Week currently in full flow there’s definitely a cheesy pong in the air but Vivat Bacchus’ London restaurants have gathered together cheeses from all around Europe to bring diners a cheese experience that’s sure to get tongues wagging,

On the Extreme Cheeseboard will be 6 cheeses that claim to be the smelliest, hottest, oldest, runniest, priciest and sweetest available.

Priced at £22.50, the Extreme Cheeseboard includes:

Hottest-Naga Chilli Cheese Bombs
Priciest- Brillat Truffe
Sweetest- Sticky Toffee Cheddar
Runniest- Epoisse
Oldest- Parmesan, aged for 4 years
Smelliest- Vieux Lille

Owner of Vivat Bacchus’ London restaurants Gerrie Knoetze, says “With so many varieties and pairings out there we wanted to bring together some of the most exciting, interesting and perhaps more intimidating cheeses for the people of London to try… if they dare.”