On Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th June, Greek street food specialists, The Athenian, will be launching a special Loukoumades Weekend at White City Place.

This exciting two day event will celebrate loukoumades (pronounced loo-ka-math-es)- light, fluffy, doughnut style balls drenched in honey- in all its forms.

Arguably Greece’s best-loved treat, The Athenian is looking to introduce loukomades to London’s foodie scene. 

Since 2014, The Athenian has been changing perceptions of Greek cuisine in the UK, creating delicious and authentic Greek street food. This weekend they will be serving up the incredibly moreish dessert- Loukoumades at their West London venue alongside their popular Souvlaki. Lovingly handmade, these fluffy dough balls are deep fried to create a crispy miniature Greek donut. 

As well as classic Loukoumades topped with honey and cinnamon on offer, The Athenian will be paling with modern twists on toppings such as hazlenut and praline and chocolate sauce which can be enjoyed individually or on a sharing board for two.

Also available will be refreshing scoops of either Kaimaki Buffalo Ice Cream or Buffalo Frozen Yogurt as alternative indulgent accompaniments. 

Relatively new to the London foodie scene, these delectable pastries are considered one of Greece’s best kept secrets.