Barbecue season is just around the corner and Londoners can make the UK’s favourite sunshine pastime with 34 Mayfair’s new barbecue boxes. 

The kitchen at 34 Mayfair pivots around a giant Argentinian parrilla grill: the ultimate barbecue. Head Chef Harvey Ayliffe has mastered the skills and techniques to create flavoursome, healthy food on the grill, which diners can now recreate on their own barbecues. 

Each kit will contain a selection of recipes for mains, salads and a dessert suggestion for a truly gourmet barbecue, plus some useful equipment and store cupboard essentials. The boxes will be priced at £50 and are available to purchase from  The Mount Street Deli, situated a short walk from 34 Mayfair.

 Included in each box will be:

  • 34 Mayfair’s dry American spice mix
  • 34 Mayfair’s Spanish spice rub
  • 34 Mayfair’s own label Olive Oil
  • 34 Mayfair’s own label Artichoke Pâté
  • A box of Maldon sea salt flakes
  • Meat thermometer
  • 34 Mayfair Tea Towel
  • 34 Mayfair Jumbo Matches
  • Booklet with BBQ recipes & tips from the 34 Mayfair kitchen