If Christmas isn’t time for a bit of indulgence then when is?

And while a fine brandy in front of a roaring fire is a bit of a dream for many, think instead probably a red-hot radiator, we can at least all fill a glass with Courvoisier.

Originally established in Paris in 1809, Emmanuel Courvoisier started a wine and spirit company with Louis Gallois, then the mayor of Bercy. The 200-year-old crafting process has not changed since Courvoisier’s establishment.

Courvoisier sources eaux-de-vie from crus Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Boderies and Fin Bois and the cognac is aged in barrels handmade from 200-year-old oak sourced from the Tronçais forest in France

Courvoisier have come up with some rather good gift ideas for the festive season, not just bottles but full gift packs to make the present particularly memorable.

Courvoisier VSOP Limited Edition Gold Carton

Enjoy this 70cl Courvoisier VSOP in limited edition full gold branded Courvoisier gift carton – the perfect gift for cognac lovers.

Available exclusively at Tesco for £34.79

Courvoisier VSOP Lantern Tin

Indulge this Christmas with cognac by candlelight, with the beautiful Courvoisier VSOP limited edition lantern tin (including 70cl bottle). This stunning tin transforms into two candle holders inspired by Courvoisier’s Parisian heritage. The perfect gift for a loved one this festive season.

Available at Sainsbury’s and Waitrose for £34.79

Courvoisier Double Glass Pack

A beautiful gift featuring this classic product – a 70cl CourvoisierVSOP in limited edition branded gift carton including 2 complimentary Parisian inspired glass tumblers for a longer cognac mixed serve.

Available exclusively at Costco for £39.79