Foodepedia went forth through no snow to raise an early festive glass at the exclusive preview launch of the Miracle bar on the Da Henrietta mezzanine.

Renowned across America for their creative cocktails garnished with a side of kitsch, Miracle bars bring together oodles of retro yuletide decor, themed cocktails and festive cheer.

The Experimental hotel group has imported the kitsch Christmas pop-up phenomenon over to London for the very first time, with Da Henrietta set to be the one and only Miracle location in the UK this year. 

If you’re the sort of person who (after a hard day’s work securing flashing fairy lights to your house and a giant Santa and sleigh across your roof), loves to slip on an ironic space invader Xmas jumper and elfen safety boots to go and enjoy an evening of Xmas spirit amongst like-minded folk drinking uber-themed cocktails such as Chrismopolitan or Jingle Balls Nog, (both delicious incidentally), this will be right up your chimney.

There is also (un-themed) bar food available from The Italian Supper Club to feast on as you get merry.

With a sprinkling of ‘snow’ on the carpet, a myriad of hanging stars and baubles above your head, a ton of christmassy ornaments and gaudy decorations festooning every available surface as well as Bing Crosby crooning in your ears, this is a way-over-the-top tinsel-town experience – but you just might love it. This pair of Scrooges had a fine time.

Opens: Today 15th November. Henrietta Hotel Mezzanine, 14-15 Henrietta St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8QG