London-based, female-led wine startup, NICE is launching a trio of Boxed Wines with Ocado, Amazon and

Boxed wines have come on in leaps and bounds since the early rather dodgy days.

The advantages are clear. Obviously the main one is that you can take a glass of wine when you fancy and the wine left in the box is unaffected by oxidisation as no air gets in. It can stay fresh for up to six weeks once opened.

Your dustman will thank you as well, because an empty cardboard box is a lot lighter than three empty bottles. Your neighbours won’t judge you either, as there won’t be the giveaway noise!

And cardboard is easier to recycle than glass

Market data, according to Nielsen, shows that boxed wine has grown to 7% of total still wine sales in supermarkets, and a market value of over £400m.

NICE is the fastest growing canned wine brand in the UK, and the largest brand in still canned wine. Each NICE Boxed Wine is equal to three bottles, nine cans, or 18 small glasses of wine,

Each of the wines is vegan, and he box and bag are fully recyclable,

NICE Sauvignon Blanc (11.5% ABV) is dry, crisp, with a wink of peach: this classic French white, from the Cotes de Gascoigne region.

NICE Pale Rosé (12% ABV) is crisp, dry and pale and comes from just outside Montpellier.

Argentinian NICE Malbec (13.5% ABV), is a medium bodied wine from Mendoza in the foothills of the Andes.

Boxed wines, a Xmas gift. 


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