Chateau Leoube

Daydreaming about the Mediterranean again; we’ll find any excuse to open a bottle of our favourite Côtes de Provence rosé.

Negotiating the Wine List – how to be hip before you sip

In truth, the event will please anyone with an interest in wine, not just those who have sat basting in beads of their own sweat whilst studying the wine list on dates of yore. Thierry is a character as well as an expert and the private dining room at Angelus is a relaxing environment. Thierry famously considers sommeliers as ‘salesmen of pleasure” and the food, wine and conversation at the press dinner suggest he at least is living up to his own billing.

Christmas Wines

If you’re all set for food this Xmas but a bit unsure about the wines, Alan Kingsbury has got into the booze early and recommends trying some different grape varieties in order to bring a bit of novelty and cheer to your table this year