Two flavours that always sing of Vietnam and Thailand to me are lemongrass and chili. So much so that I actually grow both in my greenhouse every year.

mcith_track.jpgI’ve never tried making them into a jelly though and I have clearly been amiss as Tracklements have done just that and it’s a great invention.

This latest addition to Tracklements range of award-winning artisan condiments is addictive enough to eat with a teaspoon, I know that from experience.

They’ve added some root ginger, and you can’t go wrong with that, obviously, and it’s a useful addition to all kinds of culinary concoctions.

Obviously I tried it first  with cheddar cheese on crackers, I got a bit sticky but it was worth it.

Dipping things like chicken wings into it was a winner move, and I splodged it into stir fries for a quick and lively mid-week snack. My shop bought Thai fishcakes lapped it up, they needed the extra flavour kick

Tracklements Chilli & Lemongrass Jelly, RRP £3.10 for 250g, is available from good fine food delis, farm shops nationwide and online at