Now open, award-winning, New York restaurant and celebrity haunt RedFarm, brings playful contemporary Chinese cuisine and supercharged dim-sum to London’s Covent Garden.

mcith_Redfarm_DingleyDellPorkChop.jpgWith dim-sum Chef Joe Ng and Chinese culinary expert and restaurateur Ed Schoenfeld at the helm, this is RedFarm’s first venture outside Manhattan.

The top-rated Chinese brand in the US, RedFarm is known for its finely crafted and playful presentations, featuring figurative dim-sum and dishes made from selected seasonal and local ingredients. This attitude is prevalent throughout the entire ethos of the brand, from the staff, to the’old Skool’ music and cocktails.

Joe’s menu takes a clean, fresh approach to Chinese food and will offer clever dim-sum preparations, small plates, and his grilled and marinated meats. 

Small plates include Joe’s signature, Spicy Crispy Beef, (£8) Vegetable Spring Rolls in the shape of a flower (£8) and their famous Pastrami Egg Roll (£9); there is a wide selection of handmade dumplings which include Pac Man Shrimp Dumplings (£12) – a parade of colourful dumplings that look just like the iconic game and classic Pork & Crab Soup Dumplings (£8) – each of which has its own candy coloured straw for sipping the flavoured broth inside.

Mains include Marinated & Grilled Dingley Dell Pork Chop with Basil & Lemongrass (£24), Shrimp-Stuffed Crispy Chicken (£28) and Chinese Broccoli and Fresh Shiitake mushrooms (£10).

RedFarm has two bars. The one on the ground floor will serve a range of wines, craft beers and an array of interesting cocktails, including five signature cocktails from New York.

The second bar, above the dining areas, is named Toots n Hoots. Featuring the cocktails of NY mixologist Shawn Chen, and an accompanying menu of RedFarm bar snacks.

Although a non-reservation restaurant, customers are encouraged to call or email in advance of their desired booking to be added to a list to avoid queuing outside. Call 30 mins before your time for an update. 

RedFarm is open Monday – Sunday

Sun-Weds: 17.00-22.30

Thurs-Sat: 17.00-23.00