Independent pizzeria, Zia Lucia, is opening a new local restaurant in Brook Green in late January 2018. Following on from the launch of the first Zia Lucia in Islington in 2016.

Zia Lucia’s first independent pizzeria on Holloway Road brought unusual doughs, toppings and Italian community flair to North London.

Zia Lucia has a selection of 48-hour slow-fermented doughs, including traditional white flour, wholemeal, gluten free and a vegetable charcoal black base.

For the launch month, Zia Lucia will add a limited edition, green vegetable dough to the menu.

Zia Lucia is run by former West London residents, Claudio and Gianluca who

Zia Lucia, translates as ‘Auntie Lucia’ and the restaurant is named after Gianluca’s own aunt. Entirely friend and family-funded, Zia Lucia’s shareholders are personally involved in the success of the restaurant.

All wood-fired pizzas at Zia Lucia Brook Green will be priced from £7-£11 and will feature fresh, classic Italian toppings, signature Arianna and Andrea Pirlo pizzas and will be available on the four types of dough.

Toppings range from Italian favourites such as fiery nduja, spicy spianata salami, truffle honey, burrata, rich gorgonzola and vegan butternut squash cream. The menu will also feature, seasonal specials.

Alongside the pizzas, will be a selection of Italian-style starters, plates, salads and desserts.

Zia Lucia, 61 Blythe Road, W14 0HP @zialuciapizza #brookgreen  Opening times: 11.30am – 10.30pm daily