Oblix West has launched the Elevator Lunch Menu, a new dining concept that allows busy diners to go up, dine and get down within the hour.

For far too long now the capital’s workers have been unable to have a decent lunch. It’s not that there’s a shortage of restaurants, far from it, it’s just the puritanical prevalent attitude that every second away from your desk is somehown’shirking’.

If you do have the temerity to go out for lunch ,you’d better be back at 2pm sharp or you’ll face the sour faced person pointedly looking at his or her watch as you sit down at your desk.

Now though if you fancy a workday lunch with colleagues, or are looking for a setting to have that power hour meeting whilst overlooking the city below, the Oblix West Elevator Lunch Menu is specially designed for the London lifestyle.

The Oblix West team intention was to create a short but sweet lunchtime dining experience. The result is a menu of starter, mains and side that showcases the creativity of the Executive Chef Marcus Eaves and his team without compromising on culinary expertise. Each dish will be served to the table as and when ready, offering a dynamic dining experience.

The Elevator Lunch Menu is comprised of some of Oblix West’s signature dishes with starters including steak tartare, beetroot, goat’s curd & rye crumble, or the truffle flatbread with pancetta and ricotta.

For mains, the Oblix West chef team cook dishes across the josper oven, charcoal grill and rotisserie. An array of dishes celebrate these techniques, such as grilled stone bass, fennel & brown shrimps or sides such as creamed sweetcorn, white onion & Périgord truffle.

Those looking to take a more leisurely lunch, or important enough not to have to worry about timekeeping, can additionally opt for a third course of dessert in addition to the Elevator Lunch Menu..

Guests who opt for the Elevator Lunch Menu will still experience the best of Oblix West. As per the traditional tasting menu, the Elevator Lunch Menu incorporates dishes that can all be perfectly complemented with accompanying wines, guided by the in-house sommelier.

Guests will also be able to enjoy the unparalleled views that Oblix West is well-known for, that overlook the River Thames, London Bridge and beyond.

The Oblix Elevator Lunch Menu will be available from Monday – Friday, 12 – 3pm, in Oblix West only.

Prices start from £40 for starter, main and side. Mineral water included