The series marks the launch of Jongga’s Generation Preservation campaign, which aims to draw attention to the critical issue of plant biodiversity and preserving the fruit and vegetables on our plates.

Jongga, Korea’s leading Kimchi brand, is joining forces with one of London’s newest and most talked about low-waste restaurants, Apricity, to launch an exclusive supper club focused on preserving the plants on our plates. And the best part? It’s completely free for those lucky enough to bag a booking. 

The mouthwatering tasting menu, which guests will dig into at the event, features seven carefully chosen seasonal dishes.

Highlights include a crunchy Jongga Kimchi tempura course served with a flavourful fig leaf mayo, a rich Cheswell bavette steak dish paired with an open Jongga Kimchi and carrot tart as well as a refreshing Jongga Kimchi margarita, served upon arrival. 

The (P)reserve a Table supper club series marks the launch of Jongga’s Generation Preservation campaign, which aims to draw attention to the critical issue of preserving the fruit and vegetables on our plates.

It comes after a recent study by the brand found that nearly a third (32 per cent) of Brits have no idea plant diversity is in danger, which could leave staple vegetables at risk of extinction.

At the same time, the survey found four in 10 people couldn’t imagine not being able to buy everyday fruits and veggies in their local store.

As such, the menu, consciously curated by Apricity’s multi-award-winning owner and chef, Chantelle Nicholson, uses Jongga Kimchi as the hero to show how fermentation and preservation can not only be delicious, but also sustaining.

The meal won’t cost guests a penny!

As a Kimchi brand that’s rooted in fermentation and made from more than eight vegetables such as cabbage, leek and onion, Jongga is passionate about preserving plant diversity for future generations.

However, experts at UK organic growing charity, Garden Organic, estimate many hundreds of varieties of vegetables, once widely available as seed and produce, have disappeared.

That’s why Jongga is supporting Garden Organic, and its Heritage Seed Library which saves and re-introduces rare seeds, enabling everyone the chance to grow and enjoy fantastic forgotten foods. 

As well as sampling Jongga Kimchi within the tasting dishes on the menu, guests attending the (P)reserve a Table supper club will exclusively receive their own seeds kindly donated by the Heritage Seed Library, to plant and cultivate at home.

The exclusive (P)reserve a Table supper club will open its doors to the public on Friday 30th September, with further sittings taking place on Saturday 1st October and Thursday 13th October. They will take place at Apricity’s Chef’s Table, which gives people a unique look into the kitchen, where their meals will be made.

The first round of bookings for 30th September open on 23rd September and can be booked via Apricity’s website. Subsequent bookings will go live exactly one week ahead of the event date. Numbers are limited and (P)reservations will be given on a first come first served basis.