January 2016 will see gastropub Paradise by Way of Kensal Green’s Supperclub series continue with the Middle Eastern inspired Cat’s Arabian Nights. Following the success of autumn’s sold out Game supperclub, this culinary event will see an innovative approach to the seasonal produce that January brings.

On Thursday 28th January, head chef Cat Ashton (formerly of Petersham Nurseries) will host Cat’s Arabian Nights where her trademark twist will be applied to traditional Arab delicacies. Having trained under renowned Middle Eastern food connoisseur Greg Malouf, Ashton has curated a five course menu that treats diners to inventive takes on dishes from Morocco, Turkey, Lebanon and Palestine.

Dishes will include’Beef kibber stuffed with cardamom butter, baby vegetables salad’,’Slow cooked Baharat lamb shoulder & green wheat’, and’Salt baked celeriac, artichoke & Medjool date bisteeya, winter slaw’. For dessert,’Chocolate & halva torte, Turkish delight cream’ and’Fried halloumi in a saffron butter, flaked almonds & mountain honey’ before a refreshing course of’Seasonal fruit with pomegranate Raki sorbet, orange blossom syrup’.


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