Burger legends Patty & Bun are expanding their vegan offering across all their sites and partnering with THIS to bring plant based’chicken’ and’bacon’ to everyone.

mcith_rNmGdea4.jpgPatty & Bun will be the first UK restaurant to serve up theTHIS Isn’t Chicken and Isn’t Bacon, designed to fill a gap in the market for plant-based food that is equally loved by vegans as meat eaters.

Made mainly from soybeans, water and peas, THIS takes plant-based ingredients and introduces heat, pressure and water to produce a vegan product with a texture that’s very similar to meat.

From 3rd June, Patty & Bun will be serving up a plant-based version of everyone’s favourite fast food treat, with the launch of THIS Isn’t Chicken Nuggets, as well as at their new ventures Jefferies and Smash Patty.

THIS has also made a plant-based bacon that actually is claimed to have the same look, taste and smell as bacon.

Patty & Bun will be topping their vegan burgers with rashers of THIS Isn’t Bacon, including their Whoopi Goldburger and NEW vegan Pamela burger.

THIS has spent 1.5 years working alongside food scientists to develop their plant-based products that allows consumers to virtually eat meat, whilst being completely cruelty free, without the same environmental impact as meat and healthy with an added protein and iron kick.

Launching 3rd June across all Patty & Bun sites, Smash Patty and Jefferies.


5 THIS Isn’t Chicken Nuggets with Ketchup – £4.50

8 THIS Isn’t Chicken Nuggets with Ketchup – £6.75