Pennethorne’s Cafe Bar is the latest opening at Somerset House in the heart of London.

Central to the Pennethorne’s experience is a collection of speciality breads baked daily on site by Head Baker, Michela Potesta and Head Chef, Richard Robinson in the bakery.

Pennethorne’s Cafe Bar features six signature breads, all available on the menu and to buy as full loaves as take away. The speciality breads will be Banana Bread, Orange Brioche, Walnut and Raisin, Bacon Brioche and a daily bread stick. In addition, Richard and Michela have created the Pennethorne’s Bread; a Fig, Apricot and Rosemary bread made with strong plain Italian flour. Everything will be baked on site including all puddings and pastries available throughout the day.

With the bakery at its heart, Pennethorne’s Cafe Bar is a relaxed affair – simple, fresh, artisan food, cooked and prepared on site by head chef Richard Robinson and his team. A modern British menu inspired by European classics. 

Breakfast, simply presented as sweet, toasted and salty, offers pastries, buns, strudels and bakes, banana bread, orange brioche, walnut and raisin toast and muesli, yoghurts and porridge as well as twists on breakfast classics such as: Jambon gruyere croissant; smoked salmon, cream cheese bagel; and soft boiled egg, buttermilk soldiers.

Lunch continues with an array of bread, salads and sweets from the chef’s deli table. Lunch items include: roast beef; blue cheese; grilled red onions; maple syrup on rye; smoked Cornish mackerel, pickled white cabbage, caraway seeds on soda bread; courgette and Montasio frittata. Lunch items start at just £5.25.

Evening dining is once again split by simplistic terms: bread, on toast, salads, potted, meat, cheese and puddings. Designed to be paired, shared and enjoyed as individual or small plate meals, the menu includes: Limousine beef, celeriac, crispy shallots; Pickled Cornish Mackerel, white cabbage and caraway seeds; watercress, soft egg and pancetta – all served on toast. Crispy curly kale, ham hock salad and potted sardines, pork, beef and spicy aubergine along with a selection of meats and cheeses continue to combine British and European cuisine on large and small plates.  Desserts remain comforting: French apple tart; Cambridge burnt cream; baked Pecorino, honey caramel and milk tart; coffee cream.