To celebrate the launch of Peroni Ambra, Peroni has partnered with Somerset House, and will be opening Somerset House Terrace, Presented by Peroni Ambra to the public on Saturday 1st April. 

Inspired by the classic Italian aperitivo, Peroni Ambra combines crisp and refreshing Peroni with the sharpness of Italian Chinotto – a rare Italian citrus fruit from Liguria, North West Italy.

The new product is inspired by the Italian ritual of the bitter’aperitivo’, a pre-dinner drink designed to open the palate and stimulate the appetite. Peroni Ambra is served from its 250ml bottle into a tumbler glass, over ice, and garnished with orange peel. It has a bittersweet yet balanced flavour, which leaves the palate cleansed and refreshed. Italian designer, Andrea Morgante, was commissioned to design the bespoke glass, each one handmade, crafted by a small artisan Italian glass production house.

This new drink is brewed and bottled in Italy, working closely with the farmers of Besio, where the Chinotto is sourced, to perfect the perfect recipe.

Pronounced Kee-not-toe, the Chinotto fruit is extremely rare and grown in small areas of rural Italy based on their climate.

Taking up residency for six months until the end of September, Somerset House Terrace, Presented by Peroni Ambra  will transport guests to the rural Chinotto orchard of North West Italy through a series of experiences, whilst savouring exclusive Peroni Ambra infused cocktails created by award-winning Master of Mixology Simone Caporale. Master of Taste, Francesco Mazzei, will also be curating a delicious, bespoke cicchetti menu.

Somerset House Terrace, Presented by Peroni Ambra will be the first place that people can sample Peroni Ambra.  It will also become available in a selection of top end bars in London before it is more widely available nationwide later in the year.