Frozen peas? Where have you been? It’s all about freeze dried peas now

mcith_IMG_5445.jpgAs we sit in front of our tellys, locked down, going nowhere, and slowly coming to the terrible realisation that it is in fact possible to have watched everything on Netflix, what can soothe us?

Well a glass of booze obviously, although don’t overdo it, and some savoury snacks to have along for the ride.

Of course many savoury snacks will turn us all into the kind of overweight monsters that stockpile loo roll, but there is a snack that won’t bloat us.

Podberry are the UK’s first freeze-dried seasoned snack product made with Scottish-grown produce.They come in four flavours: Salt and Vinegar, Sweet Chilli, Ham Hock and Parmesan & Truffle.

You can buy them online, available for delivery, from, from Morrisons stores across Scotland (the Salt and Vinegar and Sweet Chilli variants) and independent farm shops and distributors nationwide.

We got ours sent as samples and gave them a try, they only cost £1 a packet retail, so don’t think we were bribed with sacks of money. We’re not influencers.

They do look rather like dried peas and it took a bit of courage to bite down, especially with my teeth. Although in fact you can tell from how light they are that they are not going to be enamel shattering.

To be honest at first, we thought they were a bit dry, the freeze drying also desiccates them, but with a drink in the other hand this proved not to be a problem.

The flavours are not perhaps as shout out loud as some people would like, but they are there and distinctive. But if you’re looking for the same kick you get from flavoured crisps you’ll be disappointed.

Those flavours are, of course, largely synthetic. All of these flavours are vegan, made with unique flavour blends, completely free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives in order, as they say, to compliment the ‘natural flavour of our peas’.

A pack is quite small at 20g, but enough to keep two people munching for a few glasses.

Yes we liked the peas, we’re not snackers in our house but these would definitely be on our snack list for the house party we will have whenever, if ever, lockdown is relaxed.

 Sold as 20g single-serve packs with an RRP of £1-With less than 1g of fat, only 70 calories and a healthy 4.5g protein in every pack

  Podberry are also gluten free and 1 of your 5 a day

–          Frozen in less than two and a half hours from harvest and then freeze dried, not fried

–          Podberry is owned by Bruce Farms, and the Bruce Family, who began the farm in 1898. It is currently co-directed by father and son, Bill and Geoff Bruce and produces potatoes, peas, beans, malting barley and soft fruits amongst other crops for some of the UKs best known brands