As many of the world’s communities are being made aware of the benefits of a plant-based diet, let’s look at an exciting residency from Alter hosted by Shaman at Leman Locke and a second site for Instagram-favourite Oowee Vegan, who will be joining the already stellar Vegan line-up at the iconic Brixton Village.

Featuring a culturally rich selection of restaurants, Vegan Month will shake-up the perception of what it means to be a vegan – with delicious, sometimes surprising, yet always exceptional, vegan meals.

Alter hosted by Shaman at Leman Locke


This month, home-meets-hotel brand Locke and it’s food and drink partner Shaman are delighted to welcome the groundbreaking vegan dining experience Alter for a 6-month residency at Leman Locke in Aldgate. 

A shared affinity for healthy, authentic dishes, responsibly sourced ingredients and relaxed dining,

Founded by Andy Hogben, Alter exists to challenge the common perceptions of vegan food by never using substitutes. Instead, Alter champions dishes, techniques and cultures which are daringly delicious and vegan without alteration. Despite offering a solely vegan menu, Alter is not for vegans, it’s for everyone.

Oowee Vegan


Named Deliveroo’s’Restaurant of the Year’ in 2019, Bristol-based Oowee Vegan will be opening its second London-site in Brixton Village this October. Starting out in 2016 as a pop-up sandwich kitchen in Bristol, founders Charlie and Verity saw their venture acclaim huge success, leading to two permanent restaurant openings – Oowee Diner and Oowee Vegan.

In 2018, Oowee opened its first London site, seeing customers flock to try their popular meat-free menu which will now be available at their restaurant in Brixton Village. South London diners can now enjoy their American diner-style dishes, including the Beyond Meat burger, vegan fried’chicken’, and sriracha’shrimp’ loaded fries.

Eat of Eden


Inspired by the flavours of Caribbean Ital along with traditional European recipes, Eat of Eden are the pioneers of serving’made with love’ vegan meals that have that irresistible home-cooked feeling.

Priding themselves on providing fresh, organic plant-based food and drink, the selection of offerings at Eat of Eden can be enjoyed by everyone. Packing each dish with variety and imagination, the restaurant has recently been awarded with the prize for Best Vegan Mac and Cheese at the PETA Food Awards 2020. The PETA Director herself claimed “Eat of Eden is making it easier than ever for Londoners to go vegan by dishing up luscious, creamy, dairy-free mac and cheese and other satisfying Caribbean-inspired vegan dishes.”

Addis in Brixton


From the birthplace of Arabica Coffee, Ethiopia, comes an authentic and vibrant traditional coffee, served in a setting that reflects the country’s rich culture, hospitality and art.

It is true, when it comes to coffee, Addis in Brixton is truly second to none. However, whilst enjoying a sip of their unbeatable, hand-roasted and high-grade organic coffee, you can also expect a c menu packed with Ethiopia’s finest vegetarian and vegan offerings.

Addis embraces their heritage, with guests being able to sample world-renowned staples such as injera, the spongy sourdough flatbread that you can use to spoon up your lentil, bean and vegetable sauces until your heart’s content!

Light of Africa Brixton


The family owned Eritrean and Ethiopian, Light of Africa, is a true beacon of vegetarian and vegan excellence. A waypoint for two neighbouring cultures, Light of Africa serves traditional cuisine that stands apart from any other culture in the world. 

The speciality of both Ethiopian and Eritrean cultural dishes is their ability to serve up healthy, nutritious ingredients that are packed with proteins and complex carbs whilst still having the feeling of eating up a big indulgent bowl of comfort food.